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Beverages -- From Soft Drinks to Cocktails

Whether you're looking for drinks to go with your meals or classic cocktails for two, you'll find them here. We've got recipes for any time of day, from breakfast to happy hour to nightcap time.

Recipe: "Dr. Robert" Champagne Cocktail
This delicious twist on the classic champagne cocktail gets a touch of sweetness from grenadine.

Recipe: Velvet Daiquiri
This unusual cocktail gets spicy clove notes from the falernum, balanced by tart lime juice.

Recipe: Clover Club Cocktail
This delicious cocktail for two uses fresh or frozen raspberries for a beautiful color and intriguing flavor.

Recipe: Lime Cordial
This sweet lime cordial is similar to Rose's Lime Juice but better. It's great in gimlets or mixed with club soda for a refreshing soft drink.

Recipe: Gimlet Cocktail
Homemade lime cordial elevates this classic gin cocktail to even greater heights.

Recipe: Margarita
This refreshing variation on the Margarita adds a hint of tangerine juice to highlight the orange undertones from the triple sec.

Recipe: Ballet
This combination of gin, Lillet, orange juice and basil makes a delightful brunch drink for two. While the blood orange juice is delicious and turns the drink a beautiful color, regular orange juice is fine.

Recipe: Traditional Martini
This traditional martini recipe uses much more vermouth than contemporary recipes, plus a dash of orange bitters.

Recipe: Snappy Caesar
Similar to a Bloody Mary, this drink uses gin instead of vodka and Clamato instead of tomato juice.

Grand Mimosa: The Ultimate Brunch Drink
The Grand Mimosa, a combination of champagne, orange juice, and orange liqueur is the ultimate brunch libation.

The Dogwood: A Cocktail for the Patio
The Dogwood is wonderfully cool and refreshing, low alcohol, and addictively good. I've been making them during the spring and summer for the past 30 years. They're perfect for sipping out on the patio or by the pool.

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