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Learning to Cook for Two

Whether you're a new cook or downsizing your cooking from a family to two servings, you'll find tips on shopping for two, tricks for reducing recipes, guides for stocking the pantry and refrigerator, and more information to make your cooking easier, more efficient and more satisfying.

Managing and Cooking with Leftover Food
Learn how to manage, reduce and and cook with leftover food, whether cooked or raw.

Weekend Cooking Projects for Now and Later
If you like to cook, spending part of your weekend on cooking projects can be fun -- and an efficient way to make weeknight cooking easier. Make a few sauces and other basic ingredients to use during the week, or even make entire meals to freeze for later. Weekends can also be a great opportunity to make those recipes that require a little extra...

Knowing Your Portion Size
When you're cooking just for two, learning what portion sizes to cook will make shopping easier and help you manage the food you buy. You'll minimize waste and end up with only the leftovers you want.

How to Reduce Recipes to Two Servings
Reducing a recipe from 6 or more servings can seem impossible, but with a few tips, it's easier than you think.

Leftovers: Like Them or Not?
Dealing with leftovers doesn't have to be an unpleasant chore, but the first step is coming to terms with your leftover tolerance.

The Cook's Guide to Salt
If you're wondering about the different kinds of salt and what to buy, read this explanation first.

Shopping for Two: 5 Crucial Tips
These five tips will make shopping for two easier and more economical.

Essential Cookware: 6 Great Tools
These six pieces of kitchen equipment and cookware make cooking for two easier and more efficient, and they won't break the bank.

Essential Bakeware for Two
A few well-chosen pieces of bakeware make scaled-down desserts for two a breeze.

5 Great Ingredients for Two: Meat and Poultry
With ingenuity and planning, an experienced cook can use most cuts of meat and poultry and come up with a great dinner for two, but some cuts are better choices for couples than others. Here are five of my favorites cuts, plus great recipes that will get you started with them.

Great Ingredients for Two: IQF Shrimp
Frozen (IQF or Individually Quick Frozen) shrimp are one of the best ingredients you can buy when you're cooking for two. They thaw and cook quickly, and they're so versatile you never have to feel you're eating the same dish.

The Other Half: Cooked Steak
While cooking a thick steak makes a great dinner for two, what do you do with the leftovers? Three great recipes provide a variety of ways to use up the rest of that delicious steak.

A Foolproof Technique for Hard Cooked Eggs
Steaming results in perfect, easy-to-peel hard-cooked eggs with tender whites and no green ring around the yolk.

The Other Half: Cilantro
Learn how to best store that bunch of cilantro, and find ten great ways to use it up.

The Other Half: Parsley
Learn how to best store that bunch of parsley, and find eight delicious ways to use it up before it goes bad.

The Other Half: Celery
If you cook for two, it may seem impossible to use an entire head of celery before it goes bad, but these delicious recipes make it a breeze.

The Other Half: Cooked Chicken
Seven exceptional recipes using cooked chicken will make your lunches and dinners so delicious you'll look forward to leftovers.

The Other Half: Avocados
Seven delicious ways to use up the other half of that avocado -- plus tips on storage that will keep it green and fresh.

The Other Half: Cheddar Cheese
Delicious recipes for appetizers, salads, side dishes and entrees that use leftover cheddar cheese.

The Other Half: Cooked Rice
Using up leftover cooked rice is easy with these delicious recipes.

The Other Half: Corn
Using leftover corn is easy with these six delicious recipes, whether you've got fresh ears or frozen kernels.

The Other Half: Bell Peppers
Using up leftover red or green bell peppers is easy with these delicious recipes and great techniques.

The Other Half: Bacon
When you're cooking for two, it can be a challenge to use up a pound or more of bacon before it spoils. These ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to use all the bacon.

The Other Half: Yogurt
Using up a quart of plain yogurt is no problem with these delicious recipes.

The Other Half: Scallions
Using up a bunch of scallions (green onions) is easy with these great ideas, even if you're cooking for two.

Baking for Two - Tips, Tricks, and Hints
Baking for two can be difficult. Most dessert recipes are geared toward six to eight servings, but there are options.

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