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Bread and Breakfast - Recipes for Breads, Pastries, and Breakfast

Whether you start your day with a small, quick meal or something more elaborate and substantial, you'll find a wide variety of recipes here to serve the two of you, along with all kinds of bread, from yeast-raised loaves and rolls to quick breads and biscuits.
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Blueberry and Ricotta Muffins
My problem with ricotta is I can't buy less than a pint of the kind I prefer, but usually only need a cup - so what to do with the remaining cheese? Blueberry ricotta muffins, of course. These are wonderfully moist and have a good shelf life (2 - 3 days before they begin to go stale).

Beer Rolls: Roll Out the Barrel
I developed these beer rolls for a Thanksgiving meal thinking they would not only be good with dinner but would make great little turkey sandwiches. I was right on both counts.

Zepolli: Italian Doughnut Holes
These zepolli are small, sweet, deep-fried balls of dough made ricotta cheese. They're particularly good at a late Sunday brunch.

Sour Cream Pancakes: Fluffy and Tangy
Buttermilk pancakes are old hat, but I got an urge for sour cream pancakes and wondered how they'd turn out. So I did some Googling and found a recipe. Pretty much a recipe first published by Ree Drummond in The Pioneer Woman Cooks and republished by bloggers all over the world

Buttermilk Banana Bread: Tender, Moist, Yummy!
Is there any quick bread better than banana bread? Nevermind, the question was rhetorical because clearly there isn't. Tender, moist and not overly sweet it beats zuchini bread, pumpkin bread and all the other sweet quick breads hands down. Makes 1 loaf.

Apple/Spiced Quick Bread
I developed this Apple/Spiced Quick Bread many moons ago for a Christmas brunch. I really wanted to do cinnamon rolls, but at the time they weren't a practical option, so I came up with this alternative.

Grand Mimosa: The Ultimate Brunch Drink
The Grand Mimosa, a combination of champagne, orange juice, and orange liqueur is the ultimate brunch libation.

Bacon/Cheese Quick Bread
This Bacon/Cheese Quick Bread is an outstanding complement to almost any soup or stew. Lightly toasted, with a nice tart orange marmalade, it's an excellent light breakfast.

Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki Paschalino)
This traditional Greek Easter bread is mildly sweet, mildly orange-flavored and outrageously good. If you go to Easter services, make it the night before and bake it the next day after church. Serve with brie and hard-boiled eggs.

Cinnamon-Raisin Scones: Tea Time
These cinnamon-raisin scones don't need the sweetness of the conserves and, although clotted cream would be good, a pat of butter is just fine.

Bloody Mary: Hair of a Mastiff
My Daddy makes the best bloody marys in the world. Now, I do confess to the possibility of some bias on this issue. But I had never been a fan of the drink until I was nearly 40 and he made some one morning when I was visiting. So if I'm biased it's because he made the first one I liked.

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