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Superbowl Treats and Recipes


Fried Chickpeas (Ceci Fritos)

Fried Chickpeas (Ceci Fritos)

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With just a week until Super Bowl Sunday it's time to finalize your game day buffet! Like the teams completing, the key to success is a carefully thought-out game plan, lots of intense research, and flawless execution.

<p> You can check out my ideas for game day here, but if that's not enough, the About.com food guides have gotten together and pooled all of their suggestions Superbowl fare.

But, who has time for all that? Instead, make your menu a winner with our Super Bowl recipe exchange! Here are dozens of great recipes from the About guides.

Whether you're vegetarian or not, you'll need a bean dip for the big day. Avoid the sodium-laden canned stuff and try one of these quick and easy vegetarian bean dip recipes from About's Vegetarian Guide.

Spicy eats and the Super Bowl go hand-in-hand. These Chile-Spiced Candied Peanuts, from Herbs & Spices Guide Miri Rotkovitz, have a salty-sweet crunch and a cayenne kick that's terrific with beer.

Lisa and Tony Sierra, our Guides to Spanish Food, suggest Croquetas de Jamón - Ham Croquettes A "croqueta" is a small, lightly breaded and fried sort of fritter. They are creamy, smooth and very tasty.

A Super Bowl Party isn’t the time to try a new, complex beer brewed by blind monks in a cave in France; even the snobbiest of beer geeks will want a simple, satisfying beer on game day. Here are a few Super Bowl beer suggestions for beers to serve at your party from About's guide to Beer.

For super bowl fare, our guide to South American food suggests tequeños, which are a popular snack in places where the word fútbol means soccer. Tequeños are sticks of salty white cheese that have been wrapped in wontons and fried. Serve them with guacamole and enjoy!

This recipe for Chocolate Nut Bars, from Carroll Pellegrinelli, our About.com guide to Desserts and Baking, is the ideal Super Bowl party treat for everyone who enjoys that sweet and salty combination.

Eastern European Food Guide Barbara Rolek says, "What's a party without a little sauerkraut among friends?" Try slow-cooker friendly Kielbasa and Kraut.

This is from Low Fat Cooking Guide Fiona Haynes. Mini Frittatas: Made in a mini muffin tin, these cute little frittatas make a perfect portion-controlled party food.

Sangria Station: Super Bowl parties are a great excuse to mix up a fresh batch of Sangria. Sangrias are a delicious, wine-based party drink that enjoy a reputation for fruit and fun! They are easy to make, easy to drink and are a welcome addition to any Super Bowl shindig.

American Food Guide John Mitzewich suggests this delicious and creative Baked Reuben Dip to impress your guests.

Laura Dolson, our Low Carb Diets Guide, invites you to check out this Low-Carb Super Bowl article.

Busy Cooks Guide Linda Larsen, says you can also use homemade guacamole to make Mini Guacamole Cups for a fancy version of this classic.

Greek Spinach Pie (Spanakopita): This recipe from Greek Food Guide Nancy Gaifyllia is a Greek classic combining the tastes of spinach, herbs, and feta cheese. The recipe is quicker and easier than many other versions and produces a fabulous result. Serve at room temperature.

Deli Roll: Serve your deli meat rolled in a puff pastry for a fun and filling Super Bowl treat. You can also roll the dough around hot dogs. Serve this appetizer with beer, and your Super Bowl guests will be thrilled!

Culinary Arts Guide Danilo Alfaro reminds us that a platter of Super Bowl chicken wings isn't complete without a cool, refreshing dipping sauce. For a real treat, try making them with Homemade Mayonnaise.

Dry Garlic Spareribs In this Montreal specialty, from Chinese Food Guide Rhonda Parkinson, the ribs are boiled until tender, and then simmered in a flavorful sauce with soy sauce, brown sugar, and dry mustard. For extra spice, feel free to add hot red peppers or red pepper flakes to the sauce.

White Chicken Chili is one of those crowd-pleasing recipes that is just ideal for a Super Bowl party. Rotisserie chicken makes this chili a snap to prepare. Fresh tomatillos and cilantro give this chicken chili authentic flavor.

The Portuguese chicken burger is my take on Australia's famous Bondi Chicken Burger. It consists of pan-fried chicken breasts topped with a chili sauce, romaine lettuce, several slices of provolone cheese and mayonnaise. Portuguese Chicken Burger.

Kyle Phillips, About's Guide to Italian Food offers this idea: Arancini di Riso. Arancini di riso are balls of rice, filled with a filling, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried until golden.

Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray suggests Game Day Nachos. These tasty ground beef and bean nachos can be arranged on a large ovenproof platter or shallow baking dish. Or, use several smaller baking dishes or ovenproof plates. This recipe should make enough for at least 6 to 8 hungry fans.

Elaine Lemm, our guide to British food suggests a favorite from across the pond, Cornish Pasties.

Potato chip and French fries are great, but switch it up with extra color and flavor this year by serving Beet Chips - from Molly Watson, Guide to Local Foods.

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