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Main Dishes - Recipes for All Occasions

Vegetarian or meat-based, traditional American or ethnic cuisine, these dishes are designed to take center stage at your dinner for two.
  1. Beef and Veal Recipes (59)
  2. Eggs and Dairy (19)
  3. Fish & Seafood Recipes (48)
  4. Lamb Recipes (24)
  5. Pasta, Beans & Grains Recipes (36)
  6. Pork Recipes (45)
  7. Poultry - Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Other Fowl (60)
  8. Vegetarian (14)

Braising for Two
With the right cuts of meat and cooking tips, braising meat for two can be simple and economical. Try these delicious recipes for warming fall dinners and you'll be hooked on braising.

Tacos and Fillings for Two
From steak to fish to black beans, these 8 delicious taco recipes and fillings can match any appetites.

Healthy Mexican Dishes for Two
These healthy Mexican and Southwestern recipes are naturally low in fat and calories, with lean protein, lots of fruit and vegetables, and loads of flavor.

In Braise of Cheap Meat
Braising is one of my favorite cooking techniques - it's part roasting and part stewing and it can make the toughest imaginable cut of meat amazingly tender.

Italy for Two
Italy is far more than pasta, red sauce, and cheese. It offers some of the most varied cuisine in the world. And yet, much of it is well-suited to cooking for two - easily scaled down, quick to make at the end of a long day or suitable for a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

On a (Casse)Roll
Casseroles get a bad rap. And frankly most casseroles deserve it. They have largely become bland, unimaginative dishes using canned cream-of soups to moisten a thoughtless collection of overcooked ingredients as an excuse to get something cooking in a hurry with a minimum of preparation. These recipes are more work - but, Oh!, the payback.

Top 10 Comfort Foods for Two
Let's get this straight: I hate cooking in March - so I turn to comfort foods. By the time March rolls around I'm fed up with soups and stews, winter squash and winter greens, sad California lettuces and frozen peas. I have lost all motivation to cook. But instead of turning to fast-food, frozen dinners, and eating out I turn to my comfort foods.

Chicken Piccata - Light, Quick, Delicious
Piccata is typically a dish made with veal scaloppini, but it's just as good when made with chicken breasts, something I almost always have in the freezer. Serves 2.

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