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Putting together a great menu for two can be creative and fun, but everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. Check out these tips for menu planning and great recipe collections to spark your imagination and whet your appetite.
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Chinese Take-out at Home
With these Chinese-American restaurant favorites to make at home, you'll never miss take-out.

Fourth of July Recipes for Two
If it's just the two of you this July 4th, you can still celebrate with these delicious menu ideas.

Make it Snappy
I have been swamped of late. New clients, computer problems, more computer problems, tax season, spring fever… It's really hard to find time to cook for myself. But these quick and easy recipe help.

Christmas Dinner for Two
A festive menu combines tradition with new twists for a special Christmas dinner for two.

Christmas Dinner
I hope you will be able to have your Christmas dinner with a house-full of family. And if you are so-lucky, this meal will easily scale up to 8. But if, like me, you are cooking only for yourself or a neighbor/spouse/room-mate, this menu is equally perfect. It's not difficult and I make the bulk of it a day or two ahead so I have time to relax...

A Modern Easter Menu for Two
Glazed salmon is complemented with crisp potatoes and a scrumptious asparagus salad in this modern, elegant Easter menu.

Easy and Delicious Valentine's Dinner
This simple Valentine's Day menu is quick to make and easy enough for beginning cooks, yet so delicious it will please any tastes.

On the Lamb
Although those of us who pay attention to food heritage have been conditioned to think of lamb as a spring-time treat, it's not really any more. Lambs are certainly born in the spring and in those areas where sheep (as opposed to cattle, pigs, or goat) are the standard animal devoted to animal husbandry one or two are often eaten as part of a...

Dinner on a Budget
Eating on a budget doesn't mean eating poorly. Some of the finest dishes ever created were develop by people trying to economize. They did so primarily by using less meat and poorer cuts of meat and by using whatever was readily available. Beans, rice, and pasta all stretch a meal for not much money, slow-cooking tenderizes tough meat and...

Snowday - Eating Well on a Snowy Day
I lived in New Hampshire for three years and became all too familiar with six inch snowfalls on top of eight inch snowfalls. The only way to deal with that much snow is to stay at home in front of a fire and cook a hearty meal.

A Flash in the Pan
A great menu for a winter weeknight, this meal features veal scaloppini, egg noodles, braised Brussels sprouts, and even something sweet.

Tailgating Time
Although picnics are often family affairs, tailgating has become very much a social activity. The options on this menu are perfect for two but can easily scale up to feed four, six or eight.

Spaghetti & Meatballs
I'll bet you haven't had spaghetti and meatballs in ages - perhaps it was even Chef Boyardee the last time, but if not it was likely in a restaurant. Making Italian meatballs from scratch probably hasn't crossed your mind. And yet, a homemade Italian meatball or three is one of the most wonderful things you can eat. Serve them on spaghetti, or...

Teacher's Choice
I taught a class last night at a local kitchen store on cooking for two. There was cognitive dissonance involved given that I had was teaching 20 people to cook for two - so I was personally cooking for two for 20. Nevertheless, my goal was to present a menu that could be These are all recipes I've previously posted here, but combined they make...

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year – which is tremendous because it makes planning and cooking a meal so much easier. It also means it's a great opportunity for the two of you to cook together.

A Flagging 4th of July
For most of us, the 4th of July means grilling or barbequing. My favorite is barbequeing (slow smoking) ribs but I've also been known to fire-roast Cornish game hens, grill steaks or kebabs, and smoke a whole salmon.

Christmas Brunch Menu
As a child my family had Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and the only cooking done on Christmas Day was a brunch. It's a tradition I've continued to honor since I first left home whether I was cooking for a house-full or just myself. (Note: Make sure there are enough leftovers from Christmas dinner to provide supper on Christmas Day if you...

A Year of Cooking for Two
In the past year I've developed or adapted over 100 recipes for Cooking for Two. They are all good, but which do I want to go back and make again? Which were my best Cooking for Two recipes? I decided to skim back through last year's posts and find the 10 I liked the best. I'm sorry I did. It proved much harder to decide than I'd anticipated. Oh...

10 Favorite Casseroles
Casseroles are great most any time of year. They're usually fairly easy to make, they are often best when made with leftovers, they can be made in advance and cooked later and many of them freeze well. But I tend to like them best in the winter. They're often hardy, solid tucker and they make a nice change from soups and stews. In the best...

Mardi Gras Menu
In my house, the weekend before Mardi Gras, literally "fat Tuesday," which marks the last day of pigging out before denying yourself pleasure until Easter. But if you're not Catholic its the time to celebrate Cajun/Creole food. Sometimes the celebration is just me, more often I invite a couple of friends over, and a few times I've thrown a...

Saint Patrick's Day Menu
Saint Patrick's Day is March 17. I usually forgo the green beer and being of Scots extraction I make a point of wearing something plaid instead of green. Nevertheless, in the spirit of comradery with my fellow Gaels I generally fix a special meal to mark the occasion. Often I fix a corned beef (which is more American/Jewish than Irish) but this...

Memorial Day Menu 2011
The first time I had grilled tri-tip was on a Memorial Day in California. I invited some of my co-workers over to join me, bought a tri-tip (California's most popular grilling meat) and we had a really pleasant and relaxing afternoon.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Herb-broiled Trout Menu
"Dinner for Two, Tonight" is a collection of menu ideas that can be prepared and served in around 30 minutes. Fish is always a great choice for quick meals, and is often my go-to choice when it's late in the day. Trout is a particular favorite because it's not only delicious but eco-friendly (it's usually farm-raised and has few...

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Glazed Ham Menu
I buy one of those small hunks of cured ham once or twice a year. I'm taking about the 1 -2 pound chunks you find in the supermarket cooler near the bacon and sausage. They aren't cheap, but they don't taste cheap either unlike those big water-filled whole ham steaks in the same section. A 1 1/2 pound hunk is good for a couple of meals and a...

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