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Easter Ham Dinner

A Southern Favorite


My personal preference for Easter dinner is lamb. Somehow it just seems to be the perfect main course for celebrating spring. But here in the South where I live the most popular dish is a glazed ham - something I confess I'm also tremendously fond of. But there's no way two people can eat a whole ham, so I've included a recipe for a glazed ham steak for two along with a number of side dishes that would complement it beautifully. Whether you're celebrating Easter or just the change in seasons, this is a delicious spring meal. Serves 2.

Hot Cross Buns: Just Sweet Enough

Hot Cross Buns
Copyright 2009 Kevin D Weeks
Hot Cross Buns are an English tradition on Good Friday, but there's o reason not to enjoy them Easter morning as well. Cook up a good English breakfast of bacon, eggs and fried potatoes to go along with the buns - then skip lunch.

Glazed Ham Steak: Sweet, Salty, Savory

Glazed Ham Steak
Copyright 2009 Kevin D Weeks
This recipe offers most of the satisfaction of a glazed ham without having to spend a month eating it. The flavor profile is a tasty balance of salty, sweet, hot, sour and savory and so it effects almost every taste bud in your mouth. Best of all, it's easy enough to make on a weeknight and yet fancy enough for a special occasion.

Honey-mustard Roasted Beets: Sweet, Earthy and Bright

Honey-mustard Beets
Copyright 2009 Kevin D Weeks
These Honey-mustard Roasted Beets are one of my favorite beet recipes - simultaneously bright, sweet, and earthy. The beets provide sweetness and that deep earthy flavor. The honey points up their sweetness while the mustard adds a luscious, pungent edge. The lemon and mint round out the dish by bringing out and highlighting the beets' fresh flavor.

Pureed Cauliflower: Smooth, Rich, Tangy

Pureed Cauliflower
Copyright 2009 Kevin D Weeks
Cauliflower Puree sounds a bit like a Gerber food product for toothless infants - it's not, by any stretch. Cauliflower is one of the world's most misunderstood vegetables. An afterthought in raw vegetable platters or steamed and drenched in butter, too often the vegetable's essential flavor is ignored. This recipe begins by steaming the cauliflower, but then reduces it to a thick pudding and adds cream and butter, but the tangy goat cheese really kicks it over the top.

Mashed Rutabaga with Maple Syrup and Bourbon

Mashed Rutabaga
Copyright 2008 Kevin D Weeks
When I was growing up rutabaga was served at Thanksgiving far more often than sweet potatoes. It's a sweet vegetable (albeit more like a winter squash than sweet potatoes) with a hearty texture. Growing up we usually had them just mashed with butter, but I've gussied up this version and it makes a nice change from ordinary mashed potatoes and from sweet potatoes. Best of all, they can be made a couple of days in advance then heated in your microwave.

Rhubarb-Apple Crisp: A Beautiful Marriage

Rhubarb/Apple Crisp
Copyright 2009 Kevin D Weeks
This rhubarb/apple crisp is an even better combination than rhubarb and strawberries because apples can handle rhubarb's tartness with more aplomb than strawberries. It only took me 10 minutes to make and 45 minutes to cook because I already had streusel topping in the freezer waiting for just such a quick, weeknight dessert. Topped with plain whipped cream it was a light and not-too-sweet ending to the meal.

Pineapple-Lime Tart: Simply Wonderful

Pineapple/Lime Tart
Kevin D Weeks
This recipe for a Pineapple-Lime Tart was my entry in an online contest for tart recipes. I didn't win, but I was really pleased with the results, nevertheless. The pineapple and lime complement each other beautifully, the mascarpone is a wonderfully rich base, and the puff pastry makes it easy.

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