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Quick Recipes - When Time is Short

Even if you really like to cook, you don't always have a lot of time to get a meal on the table. When you're in a hurry, these recipes will give you a wide variety of options for quick but delicious dishes for two.
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Dinner for Two, Tonight: Italian Menu
This Italian menu, featuring the classic Pasta Carbonara, and be made and on the table in the same time as it takes to get a pizza delivered. Of course, some nights pizza is what you want, but this complete meal is so much better.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Glazed Ham Menu
A 1 1/2 pound hunk of cured ham is good for a couple of meals and a couple of sandwiches. So it's a great and easy start to several meals. This menu is a delicious example of one.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Herb-broiled Trout Menu
Fish is always a great choice for quick meals, and is often my go-to choice when it's late in the day. Trout is a particular favorite because it's not only delicious but eco-friendly (it's usually farm-raised and has few environmental side effects). Besides, I can usually find it at my favorite supermarket.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Chicken Picatta Menu
I've made Chicken Picatta hundreds of times over the years. It's my absolute favorite chicken recipe and, because it cooks up in 20 minutes - start to finish, it can't be beat as a weeknight dinner. If you have access to good veal, that's the traditional meat, but I always have a couple of chicken breasts in my freezer.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Pork Cutlets Menu
It had been more years than I wish to admit to since I'd had a pork cutlet. And then, one day, driving home and trying to come up with dinner I had an unexpected desire for this childhood favorite. By the time I got to the grocery store I had a meal planned. I got home, marched into the kitchen, dumped my cloth grocery bag on the counter, and...

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Bacon Roasted Chicken Menu
"Dinner for Two, Tonight" is a collection of complete menus and grocery list that can be prepared and served in 30 - 40 minutes from fridge to table. -- I think I first came up with the idea for Bacon Roasted Chicken when I was living is Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1976. I have no idea what prompted the idea, but it has remained a staple on my menu...

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Spanish Omelet Menu
Spanish omelets (tortillas patatas) are made with potatoes and typically served at tapas bars. But I love them for a quick supper and like to add some sausage to the mix. With a quick green it makes a great dinner.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Jerked Mahi-mahi Menu
Mahi-mahi is a flavorful, white-fleshed fish that's available in salmon-sized filets. For this menu I marinate the ifsh in lime juice and jerk seasoning before grilling it on my stove-top grill.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Lamb Steak Menu
I know a lot of people don't like lamb – or at least think they don't (I've managed to change a few minds in my time). But it's my second favorite meat after pork (and before beef). It's also a fairly lean meat, more so than beef and so a good choice if you're trying to watch your nutrition.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Pasta Carbonara Menu
"Dinner for Two, Tonight" is a collection of complete menus and grocery lists that can be prepared and served in 30 - 40 minutes from fridge to table. Pasta carbonara is classic Italian, can be ready in 15 minutes, and is tremendously satisfying.

Chicken Piccata
Piccata is typically a dish made with veal scaloppini, but it's just as good when made with chicken breasts, something I almost always have in the freezer. Serves 2.

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