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Quick Recipes - When Time is Short

Even if you really like to cook, you don't always have a lot of time to get a meal on the table. When you're in a hurry, these recipes will give you a wide variety of options for quick but delicious dishes for two.
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Dinner for Two, Tonight: Italian Menu
This Italian menu, featuring the classic Pasta Carbonara, and be made and on the table in the same time as it takes to get a pizza delivered. Of course, some nights pizza is what you want, but this complete meal is so much better.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Glazed Ham Menu
A 1 1/2 pound hunk of cured ham is good for a couple of meals and a couple of sandwiches. So it's a great and easy start to several meals. This menu is a delicious example of one.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Herb-broiled Trout Menu
Fish is always a great choice for quick meals, and is often my go-to choice when it's late in the day. Trout is a particular favorite because it's not only delicious but eco-friendly (it's usually farm-raised and has few environmental side effects). Besides, I can usually find it at my favorite supermarket.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Chicken Picatta Menu
I've made Chicken Picatta hundreds of times over the years. It's my absolute favorite chicken recipe and, because it cooks up in 20 minutes - start to finish, it can't be beat as a weeknight dinner. If you have access to good veal, that's the traditional meat, but I always have a couple of chicken breasts in my freezer.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Pork Cutlets Menu
It had been more years than I wish to admit to since I'd had a pork cutlet. And then, one day, driving home and trying to come up with dinner I had an unexpected desire for this childhood favorite. By the time I got to the grocery store I had a meal planned. I got home, marched into the kitchen, dumped my cloth grocery bag on the counter, and...

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Bacon Roasted Chicken Menu
"Dinner for Two, Tonight" is a collection of complete menus and grocery list that can be prepared and served in 30 - 40 minutes from fridge to table. -- I think I first came up with the idea for Bacon Roasted Chicken when I was living is Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1976. I have no idea what prompted the idea, but it has remained a staple on my menu...

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Spanish Omelet Menu
Spanish omelets (tortillas patatas) are made with potatoes and typically served at tapas bars. But I love them for a quick supper and like to add some sausage to the mix. With a quick green it makes a great dinner.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Jerked Mahi-mahi Menu
Mahi-mahi is a flavorful, white-fleshed fish that's available in salmon-sized filets. For this menu I marinate the ifsh in lime juice and jerk seasoning before grilling it on my stove-top grill.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Lamb Steak Menu
I know a lot of people don't like lamb – or at least think they don't (I've managed to change a few minds in my time). But it's my second favorite meat after pork (and before beef). It's also a fairly lean meat, more so than beef and so a good choice if you're trying to watch your nutrition.

Dinner for Two, Tonight: Pasta Carbonara Menu
"Dinner for Two, Tonight" is a collection of complete menus and grocery lists that can be prepared and served in 30 - 40 minutes from fridge to table. Pasta carbonara is classic Italian, can be ready in 15 minutes, and is tremendously satisfying.

Chicken Piccata
Piccata is typically a dish made with veal scaloppini, but it's just as good when made with chicken breasts, something I almost always have in the freezer. Serves 2.

Blue-cheese Pear Turnovers
These pear turnovers take advantage of the convenience store-bought puff pastry. Once the pastry has thawed you can make them, start-to-finish, in 30 minutes.

Chocolate Mug Cake: Late Night Treat
I've been looking for really easy, quick desserts to include in my Dinner for Two, Tonight menus and found this Chocolate Mug Cake recipe. It can't compare with a real handmade chocolate cake, but then it only takes 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

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