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Vegetables, Side Dishes and Sauces

An amazing vegetable recipe, exotic side dish or intriguing sauce can elevate an ordinary dinner for two to something special every day of the week. You'll find side dishes from leafy greens to starches and sauce recipes from simple to complex that will complement every main dish under the sun.
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The Other Half: Bell Peppers
Using up leftover red or green bell peppers is easy with these delicious recipes and great techniques.

Winter Vegetables
I try hard to eat seasonally and locally. This is easy to do between July and October when the farmers' markets are at full bore. But eating locally-produced vegetables is almost impossible here in the winter because the markets are closed and no one in my neck of the woods grows winter crops for sale. Nevertheless, just because I can't eat...

Seven Favorite Holiday Side Dishes for Two
Here are seven of my favorite side dishes that are perfect for holiday meals and will go well with almost any main dish.

Favorite Holiday Sides
Whether it's something as basic as sweet potatoes with marshmallows or as unusual as Mushroom Bisque we all have our favorite holiday side dishes. What are yours?

Holiday Sides for Two
Many of the eaters we serve at Thanksgiving and Christmas absolutely insist on tradition. There must be turkey or roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, perhaps that green bean casserole, candied yams, and on and on. For those of us who cook this gets boring. So here are a few options...

Fresh from the Farmers' Market
From the end of May through the end of September I make at least one (and more often two) trips a week to one of the local farmers' markets to take advantage of our local bounty of fruit, vegetables, and even meats.

7 Fall Vegetable Side Dishes
When the seasons change, so should our diet, and as summer ends, it's time to turn to winter squash (like buttercup and pumpkin), winter greens (like cauliflower and spinach), and winter fruit (like apples and pears).

6 Roasted Vegetables
It seems like everyone is roasting every vegetable these days. But this isn't a fad, it's a trend. Roasting accomplishes two things: first, it concentrates the natural sugars in the vegetable (at least with those veggies that have some natural sugar); and second the browning adds a great deal of savor.

Awesome Asparagus

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