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From the article: Breakfast Recipes
We're told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - which makes sense. After all by the time I get up in the morning I probably haven't had a meal in more than 12 hours. Even if I had a late snack the night before it was likely I ate a bowl of cereal or some crackers and cheese - at best I had a piece of cold, leftover pizza. By the time I get up my blood sugar is low and I've exhausted my ready reserves of protein and sugars.

Latte in bed

I will never divorce my husband because he brings me latte in bed every morning. We sit together and drink them and talk about our plans for the day. Then we go walk the dogs and make breakfast (usually eggs) and pack our lunch. Simple, $50 latte machine from Mr. coffee or our new one is from Krups (they do wear out).

Coffee, java and joe

It's pretty simple. If I have a good, no make that great cup of coffee, I'm a happy and productive person. I also have some yogurt and fruit with sliced almonds. Yummmm...

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